Historical discovery and rebuilding house that burnt to the ground

While we were doing maintenance work on the community land at Volcano View, we came across a smooth granite stone. Smooth on one side but chiseled underneath, the elderly local folk were very excited at the stones discovery. Stories were then told of the British and French Governments coming to the area at Loanialu, and sitting on this "Judgement Stone" and hearing matters of dispute or crime cases and declaring sentences to the locals. This was an historic moment for everyone in the area and it now takes pride and place at the "Volcano View" Market Place 

Your Donations for the rebuild

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the rebuild of the home that was destroyed by fire. Last year our heart went out to two young boys who were using a candle to read at night, forgot to blow the candle out and had their house burnt to the ground and lost everything. Your kind donations have provided a wonderful shelter for them.