Establishing local Business

Providing the locals with a sustainable means of earning a living will reduce the incidences of undernourished children and adults. Our plan this year is to establish some local business opportunities for the people, to establish and empower them to provide for their community. Tourists that visit the local Mt Yasur, travel past this community on their way to the volcano, so we are hoping to take advantage of this. This program will explain how successful businesses run and how to recoginise and avoid potential pitfalls. 

Adult Literacy Programme

The local community has a free school for children aged 5-18 years. Unfortunately, some of their parents have never had a similar opportunity and must rely on others to read information that is sent to them from the government and businesses.

It is our aim to begin a program that will allow the parents of these children and other community members, to learn how to read which in turn, will enable and encourage them to achieve employment and bring money into their villages. 


Living with the constant ash from an active volcano, which adversely affects food and clothing, is a challenge. Achieving  good health can be difficult for mothers and babies who are constantly battling with this difficult weather. These "Mothercraft Group" classes will support mothers and carers by providing them with additional knowledge and skills for raising healthy children. Our programs will aim to be highly informative, supportive, encouraging and empowering while incorporating local culture, traditions an knowledge.