We were excited to receive our Bread Oven which was donated by Rotary. This Bakery will provide extra nutrition to the area and each week our widows will now receive bread as well as fresh food supplies. For the locals this will also mean that travelling down the hill 44 mintues down the hill to get daily bread will not be so much of a strain on the family budget. Making up a clay mixture to cover the oven, we anticipated that this would work and protect the bread oven and provide insulation qualities. Painting Day was raining and overcast but the staff knuckled down and did a great job of painting.

Bakery and Chicken house

Locals in this area of Tanna are unsure about eating eggs and they believe that every egg is a potential chicken. This results in lack of protein in their diet as most eggs are eaten by roaming dogs. Our recent project aims to show that without a rooster the eggs will be safe to eat.

We decided to begin with a small chicken house which will be cared for by one of the villages in the area. As this program gains the trust of the locals we plan to replicate this or build another house in the same area.